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Finding the best route and avoiding traffic, however, can be tough.

Thankfully, our smartphones can provide us with turn-by-turn directions that allow us to navigate with relative ease, so we never have to use physical maps again.

The For You tab also provides information about local restaurants and events, as well as nearby charging stations, if you happen to own an electric vehicle.

The ability to pull up biking and walking directions — as well as those for using public transit — also gives it a notable edge over Waze, even if they can clutter the display at times.

Finally, Google also announced a feature that may prove to be incredibly helpful for individuals who struggle to read traditional maps: an AR Street View version of walking directions.

Just like in a sci-fi movie, you'll be able to see an AR information overlay as you walk to your destination that will tell you exactly where and when to turn, where you're headed next, and what locations and streets are in your vicinity, keeping you as in-the-know as possible while navigating.

Mere minutes and seconds are treated as a valuable commodity, which is why we aim to get to our destinations as quickly as possible.

Yet, despite the ease of use, time is still the deciding factor for many when choosing which navigation app to use, which is why Google Maps and Waze are the crème de la crème of mapping apps.

Google Maps and Waze are perhaps most popular because they both consistently deliver accurate directions and are straightforward to use. Personal preference often dictates whether you choose Google Maps or Waze but it does bring up the question: Which one is actually better? As the world’s largest community-based GPS navigation app, Waze functions like a crowdsourced social network, one that provides direction in tandem with community feedback.

For more information on other announcements Google made today, I'd check out Android Central's Google I/O 2018 hub.

With Google's recent announcement and release of gaming APIs for Google Maps, which allow developers to better integrate real world locations into their games, three previously-announced augmented reality games have been revealed to be powered by Google Maps.

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The answer to this question, unfortunately, isn’t that simple.

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