Google latitude friends not updating

Starting Google Maps 5.1 for Android, this has changed.

Now, users can check in at real places instead of simple addresses.

Google Latitude has dramatically transformed the way in which people communicate in the age of technology. With Google Latitude, it's not longer about who you are, but where you are.

Reverting human relationships to their most basic beginnings, it combines the cell phone, GPS software and instant messaging to encourage face-to-face contact. Google Latitude is a new technology that allows users to share their geographical locations through their cell phones.

The Google Places app with Hotpot provides personalized recommendations for places in 30 languages.As an extension of Google Maps for Mobile, Google Latitude can determine the precise location of a person, or their general area, based upon the privacy settings of the user.The user also has the option of hiding their location entirely or just from a specific person.Additionally, people can sign in by employing their Google accounts and select the ‘Saved’ icon to access all the places that have been starred or saved from the app.These free upgraded apps can be downloaded via the i Tunes App Store.

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