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It is the main language of government and instruction.

Ghanaians speak a distinctive West African version of English as a standard form, involving such usages as chop (eat) and dash (gift). Mother tongues include over sixty indigenous languages.

Other important symbols derive from Akan traditions that have become incorporated into the national culture.

These include the ceremonial sword, the linguist's staff, the chief's stool, and the talking drum.

Although Ghana is bounded by francophone nations on all sides, few Ghanaians are proficient in French. As a relatively new nation, Ghana has not developed an extensive tradition of collective symbols.The land surface of 92,100 square miles (238,540 square kilometers) is dominated by the ancient Precambrian shield, which is rich in mineral resources, such as gold and diamonds.The land rises gradually to the north and does not reach an altitude of more than 3,000 feet (915 meters).Akan is the most widely spoken and has acquired informal national language status.In addition to the large number of native speakers, many members of other groups learn Akan as a second language and use it fluently for intergroup communication. Hausa, a Nigerian language, is spoken as a trade language among peoples from the north.

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