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It’s not sitting in a mansion with the pusher coming out to you. And then one thing leads to another and you feel like wow, I could not get up yesterday and now I’m feeling pretty good. I worked very hard and for almost 15 years to overcome. I walked to the pain management clinic to read material. But they’d go to the doctor and the doctor would say oh here’s something that will help you sleep or here’s something for your ankle pain. The film had Miki Howard meeting Gerald Levert for the very first time at the launch party for her album "Love Confessions," yet she and Gerald had already recorded a duet that was included on the album.

Watch the premier on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 7pm ET on TV One.

That’s different to me than a soulmate because I was not complete. Do you feel you’ve reached your absolute best with what God has given you? If you knew what some of these ladies have gone through, it helped me. You have to realize what people you are surrounded by.

I feel like Gerald was a huge part of making me who I am. And then you have these bottom feeders that try to take advantage of you. The people who helped me were Aretha Franklin, to Betty Carter before she passed away to Nancy Wilson. I walked on the backs of those women and they took time with me. In an age when our artists are leaving here due to substance, why do you think drug use is the commonality among so many of them who are the best in the world?

I had a prescription to take a walk for 20 minutes per day.

These people were never the type to go out and use drugs. It may start out like that, but eventually you’re going to get the dope. I took one of those pills that the doctor gave me and I stayed in the studio until 3am. What do you attribute to you being drug free today? There is a lot of material that you’re given to read.

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