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Document Identifier, Document Date: (Optional, not validated) You can use these fields for storing a document number such as customer or vendor invoice number and date.

Customer/Vendor Name, Reference: (Optional, not validated) Tax Registration Number: (Optional, not validated) VAT registration number.

Select the journal or subledger level reporting currency from the ledger’s list of values and continue in the same manner as entering journals for a ledger.

Be careful when changing amounts in a reporting currency, since the changes will not be reflected in your source ledger.

If the account being processed is an existing account, then only rules 1, 3, 5, 8, and 9 are enforced for performance reasons. All of the rules that deal with individual segment values are not enforced.

Then review your Data Access Set to determine if it must be updated to obtain view access to the generated lines.

If you use Reporting Currencies, (Journal or Subledger Level), when you post the original journals in your source ledger, General Ledger automatically generates journals in your reporting currencies where the entered currency amounts have been converted to the reporting currency amounts.

When the budgetary control batch is posted, however, posting may generate additional journals for reporting currencies within the same batch.

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This section discusses various topics related to entering journals, including journal batches, journal and journal lines, taxable journals, entered currency journals, statistical journals, automatically copying journals, checking or reserving funds, and approving journals.

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