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We said our goodnights and our I-love-yous, and he left to go lay down.

As he did so, I was immediately struck by how weird the whole evening was to me, then fascinated that such would be the case.

It's part of life, and so it is also part of the fandom.

Given the subtitle of "Love and Sex in the Furry Fandom," it is also part of our repertoire of subjects to write about, and so I think it's high time that we took a moment to explore dating and relationships inside furry.

Today's guest post in comic format by Nero O'Reilly.

We think about it, we write about it, we join websites, make websites, or write litanies against websites focused on dating, relationships and love.

Outside of the furry fandom, he blogs about topics that interest him and is studying for his MSc in human genetics. It's also been a fairly contentious topic in the furry fandom, even though about 89% of furs look at porn.

Although none of the links are pornographic, some of them do show graphic depictions of animal genitalia and are NSFW. One of the best things about the furry fandom, and especially its porn, is the freedom and imagination that can be exercised.

There is a reason that the most-used tag on [a][s] is the "social interaction" tag.

Second to that is, of course, "Internet", and the obvious combination of the two leads us to online relationships - that is, dating - which play an outsized role in our community. Last time I wrote, though, I spent nearly two thousand words on just how interesting I think sexual role-play is.

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It's not a good combo, really, as I wind up with (quite literally) notebooks full of ideas with all of two stories to show for it.

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