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Turn down a country road in New Zealand and it’s unusual not to find a deserted beach, idyllic lake, or dramatic mountain vista.

There are large areas of national park land, with a network of hiking trails and huts.Keen not to outdo the natural world, New Zealanders have until recently maintained a culture with as little variety as possible: suburban lifestyles, meat and three veg, and rugby and beer on the weekend.Writers and artists have traditionally needed to be borderline insane to survive in a society where banging in a straight fencepost is considered the finest of crafts.In general, New Zealanders are warmer to outsiders than to each other and will be determined to make sure you leave with a good impression – expect to be asked “so, what do you think of New Zealand” by almost everyone you meet.Most of the population live in the north, with almost one third in largest city of Auckland, a disorderly sprawl of suburbs.

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From the lush forests and bays of the north to the dizzying steep fjords of the southwest, the collision of sea and mountains creates an array of spectacular landscapes that change as frequently as the fickle weather. Adventurous types can hike across volcanoes, swim with dolphins, and lie huddled in a hut sheltering from the torrents of rain that sustain the pretty waterfalls they saw during the day’s climb.

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