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Depending on the prank you want to play, the time and effort you need to put in will differ.

Some of these pranks can be played easily, with minimal effort, while for others you will need planning and a fair bit of effort to succeed.

Then send out an email from that fake profile address to your victim.

Keep in touch regularly until you are sure the victim is falling for the bait!

In this prank, you play the part of an agency that the victim hates, and send a confirmation mail saying that the victim has been successfully registered to that agency.

Ingenious ideas include admission to a fan club they hate, or enrollment in a dating scheme.

Once you get access, open the MS Word application, go to tools, and replace a few of the auto correct options.This is a prank that can only be successful if you have access to a colleague's computer.If you notice that a colleague has left his workstation without locking his computer, quickly open the email program on the computer, and change the signature from their name and designation to something embarrassing.Send an email saying that he has been chosen for a job with a ridiculous amount of money as remuneration.However, make sure you don't carry on the prank for too long, as the victim might really believe it and resign from his old job.

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