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You can’t really be who you want to be,” Nousha tells me.“And because our legislation is based on the Quran, you cannot be gay publically.Clad in punkish tartan, boots and black lipstick, the four female musicians, aged 18-20, settle into place before requesting that no one takes footage. “It’s illegal for women to sing without a man in Iran.

In fact, Nousha’s first school crush was on a girl who ended up having a sex change.

“I know it has religious origins and women are forced to wear it, but I don’t hate it. It can be really feminine.” Hijabs are compulsory in Iran, except when the woman is in the private company of her husband and immediate male relatives.

However, particularly in Tehran, some women push it halfway back on their head for maximum hair exposure.

My third evening in the Islamic Republic of Iran lands me in an underground music gig in a hip café-cum-alcohol-free-bar in the capital, Tehran, where a special band is playing. My new friend Nousha* and I sit stage left and chat.

The café swells with young , a small ocean of dark hair, streetwear and hijabs moving with excitement. I’d met Nousha, a vivacious One act and two fruit mocktails later, we join the crowd in a smoke break outside, where the conversation turns to sex.

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