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There had been just 10 or so protesters, one wielding a megaphone, but it was enough to disrupt an otherwise quiet Bustleton neighborhood and rattle police, who’d never been confronted at their homes before. A measured approach could have smothered the smoldering tension in the room; instead, Mc Nesby doused it with gasoline.

Given the scandal-plagued history of city narcotics cops, Mc Nesby’s career is refreshingly nondescript, with no pile of civil rights lawsuits or cloud of suspicion over his name.The meeting hall was packed when John Mc Nesby took the podium that day in August 2017.Mc Nesby, the president of Philadelphia’s police union, read from prepared remarks and spoke with urgency.He has given perhaps his most extensive interviews to the , and from those we’ve learned that he has always had his eye on politics.Just one year into his police career, he tried to follow in the footsteps of his father, George, a Philly cop who’d served on the FOP board, but that first precocious run for a seat failed.

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