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Diddy reportedly feels betrayed by his ex and former employee.However, sources close to Cassie and Alex refute the claim, saying that the two did not start dating until after she split with Diddy. Cassie hasn’t been shy to show off her 25-year-old boo on social media, posting PDA-filled photos. Diddy publicly proclaimed his love for Cassie on Instagram following their breakup."On an app, you don’t have anyone vouching for the people you match with."*All pseudonyms—I'm not a monster..

It could limit how much you open up because you're worried about looking like a fool in front of your friends—or getting rejected and knowing there's a decent chance you might run into that person."The expert says: "The hope is that you are more likely to be able to trust that this person is a decent human being," Tillman notes. Getting your friends to Manazon Prime you costs nothing (except a couple of drinks and a smidgen of dignity) and the fun-to-investment ratio is high. It didn't seem as fun as, say, stabbing a puppy in the eye (I would ). The real pro was that "Manazon Priming" seemed less serious than a "set-up." A set-up implies some kind of Jane Austen–style, What if there was a version of blind dating with pretty much any decent person? I asked five of my friends to deliver me someone I could pleasantly have two drinks with—no overthinking or matchmaking necessary—and checked with dating expert Erin Tillman, the "Dating Advice Girl," about the pros and cons. Pro (the process, not the person, I'm not a monster): I would never have met Will if I hadn't put out the bat signal.One night, I was meeting a friend for drinks and she texted, "I'm with my friend who's a cute single guy. " Could it be that easy to sidestep digital romantic humiliation? He was a friend of a friend of a friend, who had a start-up in an industry I'm not 100 percent sure I understand or even was previously aware of.Despite the drama, Puff has bigger things on his mind.The hip-hop mogul is focused on raising his children following the death of ex-girlfriend Kim Porter in November.

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