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“I’m actually a cat who thinks she’s a dog,” she says, laughing through her mask.“My fursona is a little species-confused.” But in the furry community, the most surprising thing about K2 isn’t the species confusion— it’s the fact that she’s a woman.As a female in a heavily male-dominated scene, K2 is a rarity. sci-fi conventions in the early 1980s, and in the simplest distillation, furries are people who really dig talking animals, like the critters in Lion King or 101 Dalmatians.Before we go on, let’s establish what life as a furry is all about. In fact, for many furries, those movies inspired their initial interest.

Her eyes are huge, and their bright green color pops against her scarlet hair.

Who you can also find on Fur Affinity and Twitter/u/chazinggir - I drew my new sona meeting this wholesome community!

Who you can also find on Deviant Art, Fur Affinity and Twitter/u/voxaz - Slime rancher is a good game Who you can also find on Deviant Art and Instagram/u/Tangy Keys - Hi guys!

But the most striking things about her are her ears, mainly because they’re pointy and the size of pizza slices.

As we talk, she gesticulates with giant fuzzy paws.

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