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I could probably out-ride most of the Harley guys out there and I’m sure I have more motorcycle miles in more states under my belt. Once your profile photo got a woman’s interest, this is where she’ll go to see if you might be compatible. For pete’s sake, we have spellcheckers and autocorrect that practically do the spelling for us! Brief/Incomplete profiles Dating sites usually give you plenty of space to describe yourself and the kind of woman you’re looking for.

Now put a photo of you standing next to your sport or sport touring bike with a sleek leather jacket and jeans on and you’ve got my attention. My turn-offs here are a mixture of basic no-nos and personal tastes. I can’t help judge a person’s intelligence by the way he/she communicates in writing. If you come across in your profile as being illiterate, I’m not going to be interested in you. I want someone able to think, communicate, and sustain a conversation. A sentence or two concluding with a statement like, “Learn more when you meet me” is a cop-out, plain and simple.

After four exchanges, I realize that the guy is clearly unable to write, spell, punctuate, etc.

His messages to me are so bad that they’re beyond illiterate — it’s almost as if this whole thing is some sort of joke. I don’t expect perfect grammar, but I do expect communication that doesn’t need to be deciphered before I can respond to it.

I want the guy who wrote the profile, not this moron.

This includes comments that make it all too easy to read between the lines. And I definitely don’t want a play-by-play of your ugly divorce on one of our first dates.

Other women’s lists may differ — although I bet there’s a lot in common. I was lamenting the sad fact that someone I’d begun messaging with on an online dating site had proven himself to be completely illiterate.

Hell, here’s the original post: So I’m on this dating site and this guy’s profile looks interesting to me.

(Guaranteed mine is uglier and I don’t want to talk to you about that, either.) 17.

Saying how hard you work and how important your job is to you.

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  1. “Share specific interests,” Sclamberg says, like if you prefer hole-in-the-wall sushi spots to the five-star place everyone name drops. If you have a strong preference or opinion you want to share, frame it positively,” Sclamberg insists.