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It was a day that Erin Everett’s mother will never forget since that was the day that she received a dreadful phone call from her daughter while at church.It was also the day that the poor mother learned that her daughter would become known to the world as a killer.

Erin Everett explained that her one and true love was attacked with a hammer by a masked intruder.My Everett will update the story when we get more information. My Everett News is a hyperlocal news website featuring breaking news and events in Everett, WA.We also cover City of Everett information and items of interest to those who live and work in Everett. Your support is vital to continue our mission of bringing you news and photos about Everett, Washington you can’t find anywhere else.Moving the body had been harder than she’d expected.Not being able to drag the body any further, Erin left it at the base of the stairs and proceeded to bash Tory’s head in with a hammer. Erin’s mother could not believe that her shy daughter — who was always so laid back — could be a killer, and right there in the home that she shared with her parents.

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As police processed the scene, it didn’t appear that anything of value was taken, other than a human life.

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