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An online erotic magazine featuring stimulating articles, sexy features and arousing stories of an engaging sexual nature.I wanted to show much more focus on the pleasure of passion and hot-blooded sex.However, to me, erotica and particularly my style of female erotica I believe is far more acceptable to many women, who are now openly looking for and enjoying for themselves sexually stimulating adult films.It offers more creative depth in both story and image and plays upon the fantasy aspect, encouraging the watcher to imagine themselves more involved in the scene, it can be equally graphic and certainly there for sexual arousal too…Through these erotic sex videos and stories, enrich the pleasure of sex and make it fun.I create and produce sexually charged scenes in beautiful surroundings; each of my erotic movies with their own individual style and flavour.Fusing erotic sex stories of lust and passion with graphic visual imagery engage the mind on a deeper sexual level, offering more personal indulgence.These erotic stories for women and couples cover so many different sexual tales, you will find a couples voyeurism story, erotic lovers husband and wife sex story, submissive female story, MMF erotic story, escort story, erotic fantasy, and amazing morning couples sex.

Complete your personal erotic experience and immerse yourself in the pleasure of our discreet erotic audio short stories.

Sign up today for access to the explicit full length version of all my films, videos and movies, stories, audio, naughty articles & photographs JOINME today All my erotica contains original content for adults only, created and produced for my erotic site. I wanted to bring the written word and the visual image together and create bold and exciting sexual imagery and creativity within an elegant, feminine style, as well as an interesting online erotic magazine with interesting features on all aspects of erotica with an array of submissions.

And also a special sex art gallery as well as a section dedicated to the latest, biggest collection of sex toys all in one place.

Pornography for too long has depicted sex in an unrealistic way, often base, crude and so unimaginative.

It is more often demeaning and vulgar, not sensual, and in my eyes poorly created.

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For me, erotica is about the beauty of fantasy and engaging in people’s sexual fantasies for their own personal pleasure.

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