Error validating location cannot access cvsroot

It is possible that you have other interesting tags that do not appear on .project but which you would like to show up in the CVS Repositories view.To make these tags appear, do the following: Branch or Version...".If you also see messages from the server like "-f server: ...", this indicates that your CVS server has not been configured properly.Here is the line as it should appear in the "/etc/inetd.conf" file (example from AIX but the problem has also been seen on Solaris): The key is the 2nd copy of "cvs".

recently, I had to switch to SSH while rest of the ...

Some modules are not expandable because their definition is complex and difficult to parse on the client.

These modules can still be checked out properly using the Check Out menu item from the module's context menu.

I have a file with names, surnames, ids, and e-mails which is in a random order. Can some one help me how to load those from XML in ODI12C?

I have to organize these datas, write to structures and to an output file as organized. Error: ODI is throwing an error saying Invalid characters. I have strings like this: ꐊ,ꀵ,\u0f6e,ⴗ,ꦚ,\u2d75,ꢯ,⾌,\ua97d,⩱,ㇴ,\u2d6e,鼺,\x00Ꞁ and I want to filter out all these invalid characters beginning with a slash, which I am trying to do with regex in Python....

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