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Just a reminder, Microsoft, that you've promised to support Windows 7 for free until January 14, 2020....Yesterday, March 18, a number of IT administrators were reporting sync issues with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).It also needs regular tracking and updating of the latest virus definitions, such as to rule out an upcoming vulnerable moment.Most Anti-Virus software vendors including Symantec, Microsoft and Mc Afee roll out definition updates quite frequently.Googling the error message gave me a lot of ‘you’re infected’ posts.And in the end (again) it’s just a stupid button you have to click.Users are seeing their automatic anti-malware protection turned off without their knowledge and are seeing out-of-date virus definitions.

However with definition updates coming out every other day, most of the time it becomes tedious to accommodate the tracking and update process in your daily routine.MSE is meant to protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and more.I have no idea how many users are affected, but saw early reports of this on Ask I, like others reporting the issue, received a warning that my PC couldn't be scanned and my ant-malware service had stopped.Microsoft Security Essentials provides a fuller range of protection against malicious software than Windows Defender.

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