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He is also cited as an inspiration for many independent film-makers.

He loaned a 16 mm camera to Quentin Tarantino so he could make My Best Friend's Birthday.

It's a working man's world and it doesn't pay to get too idealistic about things like directing low-budget movies if you have a family to think about.

I usually try to find something that interests me in each and every project. Making a film with no money or schedule is ten times harder than it is to make a big budget show where you're surrounded by a gang of super-talented people.

She finds herself powerfully compelled by the overnight passenger seated beside her, and before she has landed, her irrepressible sensual nature has begun to open wide vistas of sexual possibility.

As the novel continues, she moves easily from the waiting arms of her husband to intimacies with the wives of his business associates to further explorations and experiences in which the subtle aesthetics of eroticism are expounded -- and enacted -- to their fullest.

I was wondering if anyone can ID the actress in the hardcore version of Emmanuelle 5 with Monique Gabriele, specifically, the 'Love Express' scene when the couple have sex in the train.

I believe I have seen her in another euro hardcore scene of the 80's but I can't ID her via that scene as I don't know the movie it was from.

I think I became a director because that was the fastest way to get a film made on the independent side of things." Ray succeeded in raising money for a low budget horror film, Scalps (1983), which featured cameos from Carroll Borland and Forrest J. The Tomb (1986) starred Cameron Mitchell and John Carradine.

He entered sword and sorcery movies with Wizards of the Demon Sword (1991) and made the more popular Bad Girls from Mars (1991).

During this time he published a book he had written, The New Poverty Row: Independent Filmmakers as Distributors (1991).

Dena Kollar Lauren Hays adult Monica Mayhem erotica Glori Anne Gilbert Hanna Harper Angela Davies Rebecca Love Krista Allen Jacy Andrews Jazy Berlin Taylor St.

DIRECTOR: Andy Sidaris CAST: Dona Speir, Roberta Vasquez, Bruce Penhall, Geoffrey Moore, Tony Peck, Cynthia Brimhall, Al Leong, Rodrigo Obregón, Michael J.

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