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My instinct is to say “If you want” and “No,” in that order. I’m a father with two daughters, so I think like a dad. If you were courting my daughter, I would not have a big mushy heart and goo-goo eyes, but I would give you a theological quiz, check your Internet browser for porn, and look at some bank statements. He then advises “Tim” to find a financial advisor with a nice pair of testicles: If you have not done so already, you need to ask some other men for counsel on your particular case. If your girlfriend or fiancée has a wise father, ask him for counsel.Money isn’t a prerequisite for marriage, but it’s certainly true that fights over money are a common cause for divorce. Instead, he uses the question as a starting point to tell the questioner that he’s not really a man and he needs to find another man to teach him how to become a man. Money is not everything, but if you don’t have it, then you complicate everything. If you know a godly older man, with a good marriage and family, who is a good financial steward, meet with him respectfully and ask him for counsel.It starts when they are little and it's age appropriate as they grow and it opens a communication channel to where this is sort of a natural, normal part of the parent-child relationships, where you check in with them, they feel free to ask you questions, and it becomes more of a normative part of conversation of life.You want to open up a safe conversation in which to communicate." Such conversations must begin when children are very small, with discussions about body parts, propriety, modesty, and privacy: "It's teaching them, 'Here are your body parts.' Go ahead and give them the actual, anatomical name so that..know what are private parts that are not to be shown or shared," Driscoll said.And if you have a choice, why not hold off on the children until you’re more financially stable? You don’t need to be rich, but you do need to provide. There’s an underlying belief here that equates employment with masculinity in a way that should offend men who are unemployed through no fault of their own… I’m sure you all have suggestions for Tim, so I’ll just leave him with this: Listening to Mark Driscoll is only going to make your problems worse. And if you cannot or will not provide, then certain decisions — Will you have children? We must be careful, however, not to take our current experiences and make them the norm.

In his latest blog, Driscoll said it's important to affirm positive desires in children and refrain from making a "good thing gross." Sometimes, in an effort to keep children chaste until marriage, parents unintentionally make sexual intercourse seem "gross, violent and wrong" that can negatively affect children in the long run.When children begin to attend school, they often become exposed to the media - which is unfortunately full of sexual content - and other children who may know more than they should about sexuality.Driscoll said that according to statistics, a staggering 90 percent of children between the ages of 8 to 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, in most cases unintentionally.A History of Dating Mark Driscoll With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to remind Christians that we worship a single guy who died a virgin.For the first time in our nation’s history, there are more unmarried than married adults.

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