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I am sad for this lady, because the Internet is full of scam artists, and who doesn’t want to believe in love?The real question here is, how do we address the Internet illiteracy that makes people susceptible to this?Dawn tried to rationalize which law enforcement officers might be answering his phone and why.

In his third email to Dawn, David wrote what Dr Phil admitted was a touching and seemingly heartfelt letter. It was found in hundreds of places around the Internet. Heather, Dawn’s daughter, said it is ridiculous that he claims to be employed in a secret capacity by the US government.

Of course there is the money, but more than that, him being fake would break her heart.

She also wanted to prove to her family that he is real.

Gail, her sister, thinks that Dawn is being scammed and David does not exist.

Dawn has never met him in person, despite three false starts.

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