Dos and don39ts of online dating for men safe dating challenge

Being rude and inconsiderate of others is a huge turnoff and will have your date counting down the seconds until the night is over.Remember that what men are attracted to is not that different from women. Making reservations at a fancy and expensive restaurant for a first date gives off the impression that you’re trying too hard and puts more pressure than necessary on the date. Talk about yourself a little bit, but be sure to be engaged and interested in what she has to say. If the date goes well DON’T walk away without a kiss. They say first impressions are everything and that is especially true when it comes to dating.

Don’t cut cars off or yell at a driver who didn’t signal before getting over.Do: Be honest about what you want It’s vital to be clear about what you’re looking for in a potential partner, whether that be the kind of relationship you’re after (casual or serious) or the personality traits you find attractive in others.It won’t be seen as being picky or judgemental – everyone has a “type” to some degree. In each issue of Eligible Magazine I am going to try my best and shed some light on the always daunting, sometimes elusive world of dating. All those little questions that come (or don’t come) to mind when a single male or female thinks about dating. I thought we would start off with a simple list of sorts: Do’s and Don’t for men in the dating world. Till this day the mysterious God of scents, has not revealed the combination.

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