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Gorgeous photography brings to life the true stories of brave Dolley's role as a fire dog in Loudoun, Virginia, U. Young readers will fall for this witty and daring tale of heroism, along with aww-worthy photographs.

Each year on the second Sunday in September, people come together in observing National Pet Memorial Day.

Born rough on the streets of Brooklyn, he realises from an early age that he is destined to become a dog adventurer. One terrible day Spot’s entire family are carted off by the dog police.

It's not just cats and dogs that become part of the family, smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles can also leave a hole following their passing.

Grief can often feel like an isolating experience, it can be hard to talk about and the people around you might not understand why you are so upset.

It’s normal to be out of sorts, and possibly more emotional than you expected.” If you have children, the loss of their pet is often a child’s first experience with death.

Not only will it be a devastating time for the whole family, but it may also spark other questions regarding mortality and what happens when we die.

There are many ways you can prepare your child for the inevitable death of an ill or senior pet.

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