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Maximum fines are set at 0 for the first offense and 0 for subsequent offenses. The increase from to for resident trout permits and from to for nonresident permits will be dedicated to funding the renovation of the AGFC’s Jim Hinkle Spring River State Fish Hatchery, trout management efforts and improving fishing access and opportunities.

Act 288 makes it a primary offense to use a handheld wireless device in a school zone. It requires Legislative Audit to include information to determine if a municipality is potentially abusing police power in the agency’s routine audit reports. This is the first increase to the resident stamp since 1987 and the first increase to the nonresident stamp since 2003.

The students demonstrated how they fold the bags, trim and cut them before tying the loops together then crocheting them into a mat.

The mats do not mildew and provide a moisture barrier from the ground.

It takes approximately 700 bags to complete each mat.

Noah Reed was named the MVP with the highest scoring average during the state tournament contests. The team celebrated their state championship Saturday afternoon with a visit to the Trampoline Park in Conway.One of the pipes contained suspected methamphetamine residue.The case the pipe came out of was located on the bed beside the infant.” Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced last week she has filed a lawsuit against opioid distributors Cardinal Health, Mc Kesson Corporation and Amerisource Bergen Drug Corporation on behalf of the State of Arkansas.This lawsuit is the latest step in Rutledge’s multifaceted approach to solving the opioid crisis, which has devastated families across Arkansas and the country.

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