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Okay, so CT and Diem spent this The Challenge: Battle of the Exes interview arguing with and exasperating each other.However, despite that, Diem still credited CT as being the one who made her feel beautiful and wanted and ladylike when she was going through her chemo.It's an absolutely tragic day, especially if you're a fan of MTV reality shows.After a long and arduous fight with cancer, The Challenge star Diem Brown passed away on Friday in a New York City hospital.The caption more or less speaks for itself, but I can't help but shed a tear when I read the words, "[Diem is] an inspiration of strength, heart, and hope for so many people." That's how he saw Diem, even years after their relationship had ended. Wednesdays are for Woman Crushes according to the Internet and CT bought right into that with this photo he posted to Instagram of Diem, once again encouraging people to support her during her battle with cancer.

If you were once a fan of the Real World or Road Rules, or even The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, you remember C. But, being the "it couple" and having not only the audience but also fellow competitors rooting for them, means that their relationship took center stage in multiple seasons of The Challenge (in total, C. appeared in 11 seasons and Diem in seven) and the tumultuous romance between them was never quite black and white. and Diem appeared on The Challenge: Gauntlet III in 2008, and were a real deal couple. The rest of the cast felt that there were still real feelings there and were all rooting for them to get back together — C. So, as far as we know, CT and Diem are as we left them at the end of Rivals II last year — friends, with the possibility hanging that there always could be something in the future.

The two of them were absolutely adorable while they were together, but that didn't stop even after their break up.

Not only did they also appear on Real World/Road Rules Challenge seasons, such as The Duel (where they met) and The Gauntlet IIl, but CT also supported her during her cancer struggle.

That this still means so much to her says a lot about their relationship.

CT's Throwback Thursday photo from September 2013 was a picture of himself and Diem watching the sunset that was taken from Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel.

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