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When I put that point to the professor he was undeterred.He believes the debate that has followed his actions across the United States -- about the limits of free speech and the right of individiuals to perform acts regarded by others as 'offensive' -- has justified his decision to act as he has done.

This plague incapacitates most of the Global Community Peacekeeper forces, who were the first in Jerusalem to take the "mark of loyalty".

He also confirms that he has received some death threats as a consequence of that decision. It's not such a high-volume blog for no reason, he always puts things in refreshingly clear language.

The title of the post that started 'Crackergate' (as it has become know) says it all:'S A FRACKIN’ CRACKER!

Chaim tells the Jews to flee to the mountains so that they would not be consumed by the wrath of the Antichrist.

Soon Operation Eagle gets underway as Israeli and Jewish refugees flee on helicopter and on bus to Petra.

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