David duchovny and gillian anderson dating 2016

But they seem to shoot the same amount of hours.”Often, we tend to believe that acting is a rather glamorous job.The fame, the fortune, and everything that goes along with it — comes off as something quite elegant.Looking to Gillian Anderson, Duchovny said, ““When you are on the set and they have to change the film mag — back then you actually had a break.Now they don’t — because it is all digital — so everything is much speedier.

That included mostly film — I didn’t want to do television.

Here are 10 facts we learned about these amazing actors that we have loved for so many years.

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He is new to writing reviews, but has over thirty years of fictitious writing for his own personal fulfillment.

His interests range from science fiction to character-based dramas, but he is a sucker for anyone in a cape.

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