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* Gunwitch Method is heavy on Eye Contact and turning the girl on from the get-go(via strong sexual Eye Contact). Just log online into a PUA lair or PUA forum where you’d be ingratiated into the community by advanced pick-up artists.

Contact Socialkenny to pay an admission fee of £3,000. If you’re an OK learner, you’ll soon be equipped with the skills to bang lots of women, get you that above-average girlfriend and live a Rockstar lifestyle.

You develop your infrastructure, and even if you don’t have a product, service or business, you’ll end up with one as a function of your marketing endeavours. With this marketing technique, you manufacture scarcity, which is kind of nakedly unattractive on it’s own but even uglier when it connects with a very real, pre-existing thing: a women’s history of scarcity, in which we could only access resources through men. Predatory older men or predatory men in positions of trust and authority use this technique a lot on very young women and girls.

Shower vulnerable girls in fragile home situations with attention.

So a well-balanced approach would be a more fruitful niche to fit into: Sex, Dating & Lifestyle.

There is absolutely no 1 guy/PUA leading the Seduction Community.

But we have a lot of shame, it seems to me, around marketing. Maybe it’s not you, at all, dear ethical life form. ** Many years ago Marshall Mc Luhan sallied forth and issued a koan about TV and marketing: The medium is the message. But now, studying classic ol’ boy sales-ninja Internet Marketing The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand, I do. They’ve been selling online since before everyone had email addresses.

Walker’s pre-launch and pre-pre-launch are the process by which you both trigger and further foster the pre-existing cultural values necessary to support the purchase of your product.The culture we consume shapes who we are and who we are – or who marketers we are and tell us to be – shapes our culture. Whenever we’re talking about female jealousy and female competition, which is a lot, that’s what we’re talking about: scarcity.** With Jeff Walker, the marketing infrastructure comes first. I exhaled and then applied her koan to online marketing. The realization that the resources women need are withheld from them and, traditionally, only available through our relationships and on the whim of men. And then there’s reciprocity marketing, or another word for it: grooming. You’re not comfortable marketing and selling your stuff because you don’t believe that (a) you’re worth it or (b) your stuff is worth it. Or maybe you’re not comfortable with the marketing techniques and worldview you’re being taught. You start launching even before you know what you’re going to sell (Back in the old days, his Syndicate buddy Frank Kern seemed to take this even further. If you feel uncomfortable talking about your work or selling your stuff, marketing coaches will usually tell you it’s because you have low self esteem. Jeff Walker seems level-headed and like a very smart, likable and influential person – and just like Mastin Kipp testifies, Walker’s Launch marketing model tactics sequences does in fact appear to be one of the most common formulas used online. You deploy your marketing in an effort to find out what your audience wants and develop the product along the way.

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** Can we take a step back and think about blogs and video blogs for a second?

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