The way you dress can speak volumes, but be careful about the story your clothes are telling.You want to feel comfortable and confident, but if you dress in a way that’s too overt and revealing, you may attract the kind of attention that you don’t want, while inadvertently scaring off the kind that you do.To wake up worker bees and catch the attention of frenzied commuters, humorous outdoor imagery is used to not only make someone's day, but to leave a lasting brand impression.Truly brilliant copywriters insert tongue-twisters, teasers, slow reveals and copy that will give the brain pause, and make passersby take a second look..then another and then maybe an Insta-selfie.

There’s a good and a bad way to reveal your finer qualities without ramming them down your potential partner’s throat.Dating apps HAVE to make their copy funny, because let's be real here, we all know how terrifying blind dates can be.By smartly using outdoor displays to advocate the benefits of romance, i.e., "Have someone to help shovel by winter," more may be persuaded to venture into the dating wild.It was recently reported that former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is dating ‘Wild ‘n Out’ girl (from Nick Cannon’s MTV show), Bre Tiesi. Back in late December they were spotted hanging out and playing catch as he somewhat tries to get himself back into the NFL. Tiesi, who is an Instagram sensation, has over 250k followers.

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It must have taken a couple of bong hits to figure out that idea.

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