I bonded with two of his eldest nieces quickly and he told me he was happy they had another strong female figure in their lives like their mother.

He and his sister started planning a holiday family trip with me only a week ago.

All he said was he had to do what was right for him, which in my mind means either he got cold feet at the prospect of continuing a serious relationship or he cheated on me.

Needless to say I am totally heartbroken and confused.

I asked him if he was breaking up with me because he was too stressed about college (he's finishing his final year) and he said no.

I asked him if there was someone else and he said no.

He was eager to plan many things in the future with me, one was a week long trip abroad for a week, which we had a great time.

And then, not even two weeks after we got back from our trip, he comes over to my place on his lunch break from work and breaks up with me in the coldest, most emotionless way possible.

These all contributed to making it difficult for me to admit "hey, I'm ready to meet someone."Not expressing those simple words has caused me a lot of pain in these past few years of attempted & failed dating. I (30M) been seeing my gf(30F) since May and we've had trust issues because we both did things before we were exclusive.

Generally, I am quite comfortable sharing about myself in other regards.

Yet for some reason, admitting that I want to be in a relationship was the hardest thing to admit aloud to anyone.

He was always super considerate of me, affectionate. He looked at me like he had stardust in his eyes, like he was smitten.

Everything he said and did told me that I had found my person.

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When he broke up with me, he was so cold and emotionless.

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