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It is noteworthy that acidic and basic magmatism of Neoproterozoic-Lower Cambrian times, in Calabria-Peloritani Terrane, is diachronous being mafic magmatic activity 20-40 Ma older than the acidic one [16-18,7]; both magmatic activity monitored the tectonic evolution of Panafrican orogen from compressional to collapse stages [72].

Ordovician-Silurian ages (data ranging from 494±14 to 413±9 Ma) have been recorded in augen gneisses, fine-grained leucocratic gneisses and granulite-facies metabasites from Calabria (Table 1) [16-18, 7, 24].

In situ U-Pb dating performed in metaigneous rocks on zircon crystals showing euhedral morfology and a typical undisturbed oscillatory zoning [69] (Fig.

6) has evidenced a widespread Neoproterozoic-Cambrian bimodal magmatism in an older basement of Calabria-Peloritani Terrane.

In fact, voluminous high-K calc-alkaline plutonism characterize the final stages of Panafrican orogeny in Northern margin of the West African Craton as well as in almost all the Cadomian Units along the present Alpine-Mediterranean mountain belts [81,82].

In the period 605–530 Ma, acidic magmatism was diffused at the transition from an active (compressive-transtensive) to a passive (extensional) continental margin with extension and development of foreland basins [83].

In fact, analogous inherited age patterns occur in other sectors of European Variscides [63]: Southern British Islands, Armorica Massif and Massif Central in France, Bradant Massif (Belgium), Iberian Massif (Spain and Portugal) and Bohemian Massifs (Czech Republic).

The distribution of these ages suggests Cadomian pertinence with West African Craton affinity.

4) in metabasic rocks, augen gneisses, fine-grained leucocratic gneisses and amphibolites (Table 1, [16-18,7,23,21]).On this basis [23] suggest that the protoliths of augen gneisses were the hosting metasediments in which similar ages were detected.This acidic magmatic activity dated around 543-545 Ma seems to be diffused in the Calabria-Peloritani basement successively than basic magmatism described above.The inherited zircon age patterns in Calabria rocks indicate Gondwana domain pertinence.In particular, the similarities in age and chemistry of the protoliths of Calabria augen gneisses with the acidic magmatites from Anti-Atlas Moroccan domain point to a source derived from a reworking of the West African Craton (WAC) [48] showing similarities with other European Cadomian terranes [62-66].

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