Dating yourself via resume job history

Because babysitting may be one of your first jobs, you may not have a lot of other work-related experience to include on a resume, but that’s okay.There are lots of other ways to jazz-up a resume with other important and relevant items like objectives, skills and abilities, education and training, and references.

The summary is your chance to grab an employer’s attention in the first 6 seconds.Most employers rightly believe that a person’s past actions are the best predictor of their future actions, and so your professional past counts for a ton in the hiring process.You’ve built up a past that’s now functioning as screaming warning sign employers.Thanks to beautiful templates from Etsy, here are the top resume tips compiled from Glassdoor experts.Don’t confuse your reader with excessive design details, complicated jargon, or a muddled structure.

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Test your resume on multiple devices before finally sending it out.

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