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Chaturika broke up with Roshan Pilapitiya recently and there is a rumour that she is now with Gayan wickramathilaka.Petty's report has never been declassified so the details of his argument are unknown and impossible to judge. The late Rai Ajudhia Parshad is highly spoken of by the Com- missioner and Settlement Officer ; and the Superintendents, Chandan Lai and Aziz-ud-din, are also highly commended. In conclusion, I am to ask that the assessments may be Sanctioned for the term of thirty years from the rabi of 1880, with the exception of those of the twenty villages noticed in para. Digitized by Google 1 1 Digitized by Google Fkom To Likut.-Col. Digitized by Google SETTLEMENT REPORT OP THE Products of the District. I append a list of the local names, compiled from reference to tho fishermen of the town. The revenue derived from the lands placed under a fluctuating assessment should, following the orders already issued in the Gurgaon case, be credited to the Irrigation Department. Years of scarcity or drought, post- mutiny famines. Colonel Davies lately issuod some instructions on the subject in this office Circular No. There are in the district 44 zaildars, receiving on an average Rs. Whether or not the rule on this point should be amended is a subject which is under consideration, and on which a recommendation will be made when the rules under tho revised Land Revenue Act are submitted. The question of rural taiul, which is referred to in paras. of tho report, is still pending before the Financial Com- missioner, and will be dealt with in separate correspondence. Maconachie brought a large amount of " energy, diligence, and akill" to bear on his work, and that he evidently took great personal interest in it. THOMSON, Qffg, Senior Secy, to Financial Oomm Usioner, Punjab. His Honor the late Lieutenant- Governor, in writing on this sub jet, has said that he regards this drainage project as not less important than the work of realignment of the canal itself. The fish have not been mentioned at all; but as they abound in the Jumna, the Canal, and Najafgarh jhil, and form an important item in tho food supply of the district, . This system has so far worked satisfactorily in the Delhi and Gurgaon Districts, and the Lieutenant-Governor is now pleased to accord his formal sanction to it. Thatcher waited for him inside the house: he turned up 40 minutes late for their meeting.

Interestingly, Epstein is also the "consultant" that was suddenly hired by NBC in 1995, when NBC was making a program for national TV on the confession of James E.

A hearing on the Pennsylvania single payer bill, HB 1660, is planned student teacher relationships adhd Friday, and follows passage of a resolution by the Philadelphia City Council.

Lancaster – The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee today unanimouslyendorsed a resolution calling for passage of single payer.

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