Dating when you are middle aged

She also likes that it’s forcing her to play the middle-age dating field, millennial-style.

“I’m very open, but I’m learning to take my time and not feel the pressure to jump right into a big relationship,” says Rodriguez.

But if you want to know whether you’re compatible with someone from the beginning, do something a little different.

Pick an activity you’re interested in, like hiking or fishing, and see if they enjoy themselves.

You don’t want to date someone who hates being at sea if you’re taking sailing courses in Cape Town You’ve found your hobbies and you know what you enjoy, so don’t enter into a relationship with someone who’s going to have a problem with that.

Tell the person you’re dating what you’re looking for in a relationship from the very beginning (although maybe not on the first date).

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That and the fact that many people are already in long-term committed relationships.

When you’re young, dating many different people helps you figure out what you want (and don’t want) in a relationship.

More and more middle-aged folks — and even seniors — are getting back in the dating game these days.

The latest stats from the Pew Research Center show that spouses over 50 are calling it quits at double the rate their predecessors did in 1990, while a nationwide AARP survey in February found that 13 million grandparents are down for romance.

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