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I’d just turned 47, spring had sprung, albeit rather wetly, and I decided to Google introduction agencies in my neck of the woods.

An appointment was made with the matchmaker’s assistant. Next, she asked about “specific violence” – which I quickly realised was Pacific Islands. Yet there were no questions that could possibly have any bearing on nuance, none that might uncover a person’s life philosophies or social politics. For some reason, I started by saying I’d like a fellow who didn’t follow sport too closely.

It would cost 0 for the first three introductions, after which time I could sign up for more if those first three hadn’t met with success.

The message said: “Mark meet Nancy, Nancy meet Mark” (not our real names), and that was all. This fellow also made it clear he’d had a good Google of me, which is kind of creepy. Another man was almost my kind of guy, aside from having lopped the better part of a decade off his age.What’s more, the woman who does the matching isn’t even the woman I met with – so based on the bare bones of my answers to those superficial questions, someone else was going to do the pairing up.Really, all it boiled down to was a game of romance roulette.At our meeting in a cafe, the young woman inquired about my height, date of birth, religion, hobbies. When I told her I’d lived in New York, London and Turkey, she asked, had I ever been to Straya? How about asking what radio stations a person listens to? ” Instead, she asked, “What would you like in a man? I’m all for playing sport, but sitting around watching it, screaming at the TV, that’s just not my cup of tea.Aside perhaps from tennis and bits of the Olympics, wouldn’t people rather be doing something?

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Even if that is what people do these days, shouldn’t he have kept that to himself? Slowly, over a number of weeks, his age crept up to the point where he was eligible for superannuation.

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