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A model number could look like this: RG3520Z where RG is the code for RG series, the specific model number is 3520 and the suffix is Z.Sometimes, for instance in catalogs, the abbreviation defining the model finish is included to the model number, so you would get RG3520Z HBK or even RG3520ZHBK (without the space).Common suffixes include: DX (deluxe), E (EMG pickups), FM (flamed maple top), QM (quilted maple top) and Z (Edge Zero tremolo equipped).A comprehensive list of such suffixes can be found here.The potentiometers, or variable resistors that are turned to vary the volume or tone, have codes on the back that indicate the week and year they were manufactured.Let’s look at the control cavity of this 1967 Gibson Melody Maker D.

The best way to assign a year of manufacture to a guitar is to date each part individually then see how the guitar as a whole lines up to established dates.

A comprehensive article about finishes is available here.

Determining the year of manufacture for your vintage guitar is very important.

It’s one of the most fun parts of vintage guitars but it can also be the most frustrating.

Fender used at least four different serializing schemes from 1950 to 1980.

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