Dating vegetarian tips

If you’re entering into a new relationship, or if you’ve been in an existing relationship long enough to consider children, have a conversation about what your would-be children’s diets would consist of.

Establish whether or not you are comfortable raising your children as vegans (or non-vegans) and why; discuss whether or not there will be exceptions; talk openly and honestly about why you feel the way you do and research the topic .

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Are you willing to carry the package of chicken breast from the refrigerator to the kitchen where your lover is cooking?

Are you willing to cook eggs for them on Sunday mornings?

In our household, 90 percent of our meals are completely vegan.

By default, the kids have a nearly-vegan diet; but when the kids visit their grandparents or friends’ houses, we leave the choice of what to eat to the kids.

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Show them that you are invested by recognizing and respecting their lifestyle as a whole, not just what they order off the dinner menu.

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