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I gave my friend a few photos from Pinterest and she took off with it!“Whatever you want” that’s what I heard the entire process.or B.” and he’d say “A.” then I would say “yeah but I’m kinda thinking B.” haha!Another huge thing for us was that he was gone for baseball season from February to September so he physically wasn’t able to help sometimes because he was playing every single day!From the beginning I wanted all white flowers, then for a quick second I wanted super saturated florals.I quickly went back to the all white vision, & filled my colorful floral crave with my bridal shower décor. Any other vendors I needed my venue had a list of recommendations.I didn’t want anything that I’ve seen before & this dress was like no other.The non cliché part was that when my sister & mom saw me come out of the dressing room there wasn’t a huge reaction from them because I had just tried on that dress with a different lining so it wasn’t a huge shocker.

I was lucky enough to have my friends do the photography, videography & flowers, which is normally where a lot of the budget goes to, so I was lucky enough to be able to save in those three categories! I went to 5 different places; it was like I was playing dress up!

I invited them over for brunch and made little goodie bags for them filled with a notebook, bath bomb, color pop lipstick & a customized wine bottle! The hardest part was finding something in my budget of ,000.

Sometimes I would see an amazing dress on the hanger, check the price, then move right along.

My husband has a really big family on his moms side, so to have a small intimate wedding wasn’t in the cards.

I was fine with having a big guest list for partying reasons but not financially.

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Everyone says that putting together the guest list was the hardest, & let me tell you, putting together the guest list is the hardest.

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