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More than 500,000 tourists came to Senegal last year, according to government statistics.

The aim is to present evidence of the correlation between the transgression of the Nouakchottan (5500 BP) and a few industries in the Khant area.

Last spring, the French news program, "66 Minutes," investigated female sex tourism in Saly and the growing number of marriages between European women and local men, often with vast age differences. Needless to say, Saly's residents were not pleased with the story's release and have become rather wary of the media. — Valentine's Day, no less — when I first ventured into Les Etages, a nightclub that opened two years ago and has become a veritable hunting ground for tourists — male and female — on the prowl.

Going undercover, female reporters recorded via hidden camera the young men propositioning them on the beach. Inside, female prostitutes, some wearing more makeup than clothes, ringed the club's perimeter.

DAKAR, Senegal — Women — often white, European and "of a certain age" — flock solo to Senegal's shores year-round for what one hotel manager called "the three 'S's: sun, sea and sex." The growth of Senegal's female sex tourism has its roots in poverty and the lack of jobs for the country's young men. If I didn’t have these women, I’d be struggling," said Moussa, a 31-year-old dreadlocked drum player who has been "dating" female tourists since 2003. It’s part of the ambiance.” "Besides," he added with a sly smile, "they know men who play the drums are powerful in bed." Moussa flipped through a stack of photos. Moussa meets tourists primarily through referrals and friends of friends.

Senegal's unemployment for youths is estimated at 30 percent, according to the International Labor Organization, and the average person in Senegal earns about a day, according to the World Bank. In one image, an overweight, Spanish woman — his first "girlfriend" — has her arms around his small frame. Another photo is a self-taken shot of him with an Italian woman who he said gave him the 0 to open his souvenir shop in Dakar where we now sit, drinking spicy Touba coffee. He sees himself as “a tourism guide who offers some extra services,” that include sex and at times helping male tourists negotiate evenings with female prostitutes.

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