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They’ve got a variety of photos, and show their whole body Some scammers upload only one or two photos, but the best genuine profiles have several photos, including active candids and at least one full-body shot.

When an average person uploads a full-body shot, that shows they’re more honest and open.

You may get super excited when you find a profile like this, but use your instincts and stay on guard.

They might be a catfisher waiting to catch you hook, line, and sinker.

They reveal psychological manipulation as a universal tool in romance scams which includes techniques akin to domestic violence.

Queensland University of Technology academics, Cassandra Cross, Molly Dragiewicz, and Kelly Richards, describe the four signs of this manipulation including isolation, monopolisation, degradation, and withdrawal.

Michael was set to travel to Australia mid last year. Days before he was set to fly, he sent an exasperated message claiming he bought the wrong non-refundable plane ticket and that his passport was cancelled for elaborate reasons. Kathryn’s online sleuthing about his predicament gave her pause to reflect on his frantic request for money, and his escalated messages. “They may have CRM (customer relationship management) systems and work an account (a victim) in the same way that staff in high-pressure sales do.” In such an environment, text messages to victims could be written by any scammer while voice calls would be made by a consistent perpetrator.

But how can you weed out these fakers, and know which profiles to steer clear of? ’s tips to help you sort the genuine people from the fakes.

They have links to Facebook and/or Instagram profiles, and those profiles seem genuine If someone gives you a link to their Facebook or Instagram profile, that’s a great way to get to know more about them — and willingness to link out to genuine social accounts makes them more trustworthy.

There is further evidence of romance scammers coordinating their operations.

FBI Special Agent, Christine Beining, said in February last year that romance scammers typically work together sharing intelligence on vulnerable victims.

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