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Scott hopes that by sharing these nightmares, that he would now get some much-needed rest!After the different – and perhaps bizarre – disclaimer on the show, Scott then dives into the main topic – the murders committed by Herb Baumeister.The girl, Jasmine Johnson, lived a few blocks from those tracks in a small, under-furnished house, part of a projects development in which drug dealing and turf battles were becoming a way of life.Recent layoffs at the nearby Electric General plant had exacerbated the situation as many young adults now had too much time on their hands.

There on the side of the tracks was the limp body of a small girl, face down in the rocky dirt.Her shirt was ripped open and there were jagged claw marks across her back and shoulders.This was the latest of a string of attacks from the mountain lion that had escaped the a month ago.With so little supervision, she became more and more prone to wandering far from her home.It was her misfortune to have been hunting for specimens for her bug collection by the tracks the evening that the cougar passed by.

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I came to Erie to investigate the cause of the escape, which was the subject of much debate when I arrived.

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