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When you are needy, you want your partner to reassure you that you’re okay, that you’re doing everything right, and that you have their approval.Neediness is also an from other people, such as respect, a sense of value, being liked and loved, and recognition.She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and he could not keep his eyes off her.He finally worked up the courage to approach her and they started chatting. Are you going through a breakup where you’ve been the needy one? People often assume that women are always the ones who are too clingy in relationships and during break-ups, but this is simply not true.If it appears that ‘needful’ is their usual state of being, you should think about whether this is working for you.

However, in most cases, the feeling of being trapped with a needy person is a turn-off, and the relationship ends. In the beginning, when you are both smitten, it’s natural to want to spend lots of time with each other.If you find it impossible to stop checking your boyfriend’s Facebook feed, then stay away from Facebook for a while.If you are doing any of the things described above, it’s time to analyze why you might be needy in your relationship.Instead of being in control of how you feel, you are relying on someone else to ‘give’ you those feelings.If all is going well, then it feels good, but neediness is like a black hole – it sucks in good feelings in ever-increasing quantities until nothing can ever satisfy you. One thing you will find – by acting less needy, you will get more of the attention you desire.

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