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It also archives important milestones, future dates and memos.

When has such a meaningful app come on the market that touts itself as “a beautiful space where you can share all your moments only with the one that matters”?

URL: Bragging Rights: For those on the go Missing your boo?

Keep in contact with your partner by recording short messages via Hey Tell, a free i OS and Android app.

Our 10 Best Dating Apps for Couples provide lovers with new ways to communicate, share pictures, show affection and get to know each other – all by using a smartphone!

Bragging Rights: Uncover your lover Happy Couple isn’t your typical app.

In this quiz-like atmosphere, you’re sent five new questions every day that you answer for yourself and your partner.

Then you’re given customized challenges to learn more about each other and how you can grow closer together.

We do so in many capacities, fleeting and long-lasting, between different sexes, both inside and outside of the confines of the almost universally accepted partnership we called marriage.” Relationships aren’t as black and white as they used to be.

URL: Bragging Rights: An app for couples, made by couples i Love Note is looking to enrich communication and promote healthy relationships through its features, including Love Note (post private notes or photos), Date Night (book a date), Hot Topix (talk about important topics), Bucket List (create things you want to do as a couple) and Mends (improve your relationship and track the progress using icons).

URL: Bragging Rights: A sweet, playful connection Feel Me, an i OS texting app that gives couples live connections over the phone, is basically foreplay for those looking to connect via the World Wide Web.

For every correct guess, you two can unlock new levels.

“Whether you are in a new relationship or together for 30 years, have no children or 10, are in a long distance relationship, from the LGBTQ community or straight, young or less young…

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You create a “duet” by sending a personal, one-on-one invite that prompts “Let’s (fill in the blank)” and the invitee can either accept or decline. You can still receive personal notes through SMS message.

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