Dating in the dark playboy

So enough screwing around with Facebook and G-Chat, it's now time for THE DATE! to initiate the convo; for some stupid reason, I like to make her wonder if we're actually going out. She lives in the East Village, and given her lack of communication skills on the phone, I picked a spot that was dark, had a DJ and a dance floor, so we could be distracted with music and dancing (hopefully), and wouldn't have to sit there and just talk for 2 hours. Never ask a girl where she wants to go or what she wants to do on the date.

Before you've convinced yourself that this move makes me a player (or a total genius), I warned you that I'd be candid – this is the game and this is how I play it. Don't even ask her which table she wants to sit at.

So just ask her some random ass questions like what her favorite animal cracker is and sit back, relax and think about your fantasy football pickups you need to make before the waiver deadline in the morning.

Also, I can't imagine that being a good listener will hurt your chances when you try and close.

If she thinks you're serious, I recommend three stiff cocktails before the date instead of two.I know I look ridiculous, leaning against the wall, feigning coolness, and I hear you snickering as you walk by.I know it's Tuesday night and I'm outside some cheesy wine bar, guy; I'm trying to get some flow — let me be.In addition, pick a spot convenient to her apartment.Girls: More bathing suit pics on Facebook and help us out with the labeling on the albums.

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My move is usually to show up 3-5 minutes early, go into the bar to check out the seating situation and plan my attack.

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