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We stopped at the peaceful, garden-like Campo Cestio cemetery which is home to the remains of some famous non-Catholic foreigners who lived in Rome.We visited the graves of jewellery magnate Bulgari, and English poets Keats and Shelley and Luna shared some of the stories behind them.It’s not just that the food tastes so good but that every person in Italy cares passionately about what they eat, and those who sell and create the food do so with love and care.

Kenny and Luna have obviously cultivated their relationships well as Luna was greeted like a family member by many of the vendors.

Unfortunately our village was too small to have one and we couldn’t find one in the local area so resorted to the convenient and cheap option of a supermarket.

The produce was much better than in supermarkets in the UK but it still wasn’t the kind of shopping experience I was looking for in Italy.

Many of these are mom and pop style businesses that have been run by the same family for three, four, or even five generations.

Luna assured us this is where Italians eat so we knew it would be good.

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