Dating and waiting to reconnect

One piece of software used a certain unit of measurement (pounds), while another piece of software used another measurement (Netwons,, the metric version).

She says that when it comes to what creates love, we have it backward.

Drifting apart “We’re drifting apart,” Sara said during our first meeting. They got along well enough, but lived more like roommates than a married couple. Friends lose touch, colleagues move on, children forget to write home. But much more often there are reasons for the greater distance. “We have completely different interests,” David added.

Sara and David each had a story about how it happened. They made these statements as if they were road-blocking obstacles, landslides that covered the path ahead.

But this lack of communication was enough to spell the end of a 7 million mission.

The smallest details often lead to the success or failure of a project…or a relationship.

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