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Paraguay has been recently ranked by several research studies as the cheapest country in the world, measured through Purchasing Power Parity.

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Often referred to as the ‘Heart of America’ due to its central location on the continent, Paraguay is a large landlocked country that has led a somewhat isolated existence.

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Expats should ensure they have adequate medical insurance to cover such a possibility.

Paraguay's public education system is largely neglected.

There are also smaller communities from other European and South American nations who have settled there, including Italians, Germans, Argentinians and Brazilians, who have retained parts of their culture and language.Colonized for 3 centuries by the Spanish, since the 1500s, Paraguay has managed to keep a lot of its indigenous character and identity.Nowadays, the mestizos (Spanish Amerindian) account for more than 80% of the country's 6 million inhabitants and Guarani is, side by side with Spanish, the country's official language.Security is an important consideration for expats moving to Paraguay as there has been an increase in incidents of violent crime and kidnapping in recent years.Corruption, money laundering and organised crime are also ongoing concerns.

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Two-thirds of the immigrants eventually returned to Australia but around 2000 Paraguayans can trace their heritage to Australia.

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