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The 27-year-old Indonesian loves exploring and has already visited numerous countries in Asia and the Middle East.

She uploads videos on her You Tube of her journey to such countries meeting and learning about new people, cuisine, culture, and history.

Having initially traveled for 5 months throughout Asia, she moved to China in January 2017 for an English teaching job, which was her first experience living abroad.

The Indonesian girl’s self-titled You Tube channel boasts 100,000 subscribers and over 8 million video views.

The Indonesian girl’s self-titled You Tube channel boasts almost 59,000 subscribers and over 5.8 million video views.

But with her rising popularity no doubt she will have many followers in the coming days.

The social media star earns around Rp2000 per month and around Rp25,000 in a year from her Channel.

That’s not a huge but, of course, not a bad amount as well.

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