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Thanks to Strava and a hundred other training apps you can geo-locate your loved faster than a CIA surveillance team, and best of all they are keeping this cyber-game of “Where’s Wally” going themselves by sharing all their training data on Garmin Connect and Facebook. Absence makes the heart grow fonder If absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, then you should be very fond indeed of your triathlete-of-choice by the time they return from their training rides. If you date a triathlete this will never be you because tri-ers simply don’t have enough time for home-improvements that might consume valuable training hours.When I return from a 70 mile cycle looking like a partially sentient kneecap and walking strangely because I’ve spent four hours with a saddle wedged up my hoop I’m always struck by how fondly Nicky looks at me. Imagine the serenity and peace-of-mind that will be yours knowing that you are dating someone who will Never-Do-It-Yourself.

People have forgotten that they can actually connect with the opposite sex offline. In total, I’ve completed seven mini or “sprint” triathlons as a “single” competitor. They loved a damsel in distress( yes that was me on more than one occasion).

Thanks to Tinder, Bumble and whatever other Matc H Cupid BS sites are out in the Internet world…

At the age of eighteen years old, I attended my first triathlon as a spectator.

On these occasions she is guaranteed to win any disagreement with the light grip of my thigh, or calf, or shoulder, or frankly any post-training muscle in my leg or shoulder area.

Should you wish to press your point with any triathlete you’ll find even the gentlest squeeze of a tender quad will have the same effect as Mr Spock’s Vulcan death-pinch in Star Trek, and your paramour will thus agree to anything to be released. Dream physique If it’s buns of iron and guns of steel that flick your switch, you’ll find a tri date will oblige because all that sport inevitably has an effect on the typical triathlete body.

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