Dating a legally blind man I want to sexchat wit a ghanian girl

We should not lead God but allow God to lead us to who to date.

Letting God leads us will save us from a lot of hassles, hurt, bitter-experiences, and offences.

Interestingly she also had a blind brother in college at the same time.

Alan, my late , but sincere condoleances upon this. I know that if God ever would allow such great an ordeal upon my life, He also would make a way for me to come out as a conquerer.

nevertheless, this does bno means imply that i desire it. One day while we were talking I ask her had she ever accepted the Lord Jesus Christ with a confession of having done so.

of which the consequenses are catstrophic and not desireous yet it is by all means possible.

Yes, I would date a blind man, as long as he was a Christian.

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