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Estonians referred to themselves as maarahvas ("country folk") and to a Baltic German as a saks (short for "German").

Approximately fifty thousand Estonians live in the former Soviet Union, and another fifty thousand to seventy thousand reside in North America, Europe, and Australia. Estonian belongs to the Finno-Ugric linguistic group, related closely to Finnish and more distantly to Hungarian and various languages spoken in Siberia.Place names have been traced to this period, suggesting a link between language and homeland.The first written evidence of Estonian is in the Chronican Livoniae (1180–1227), which includes descriptions of the society and a selection of words and phrases.The middle of the nineteenth century marked the beginning of the national awakening.A small group of intellectuals played a vital role in giving the traditional culture a national meaning.

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Estonians have strong connections to local traditions related primarily to different dialects and reinforced by variations in customs and dress.

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